The Life and Times

With all the editing that gets done around here, I have tons of time to listen to music.  A lot of my life has centered around music, actually.  My parents raised me on “oldies”, and to this day my dad will still quiz me when songs come on the radio.   I was in marching band for four years and was field commander my senior year (AKA queen band geek), leaving me with a love for clever beats, melodies, and chord changes.  I can play pretty much any instrument you put in my hands.

I love many genres of music, but have never been this excited about a band.  In honor of my trip to see them in St. Louis next week, here are some photos I shot of The Life and Times at a show in Nashville last summer (in the middle of busy wedding season!) and never got the chance to post.

Allen Epley: more strings
Chris Metcalf: no strings
Eric Abert: four strings

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G i n g e r   S n a p s   o n   F a c e b o o k