I'm krystal. Nice to meet you!

In the 10 years I've been a full time photographer, hundreds of couples from all over the country have trusted me to capture some of the most important moments of their lives. I love my "job" so much, and although I like to make my clients laugh a lot, there's nothing I take more seriously than beautifully capturing and protecting your memories! That's why all of the images I take are backed up in multiple places, and also don't get erased from their original media card until the final gallery has been delivered. I also bring a backup of every piece of equipment I shoot with on a wedding day, and nitpick every single photo that I edit (that's a lot of nitpicking). I'm a perfectionist at heart, because your wedding photos should be nothing short of perfect!


A little more about me:


I am a serious travel junkie. I've been to 42 states and 28 national parks. It's my goal to see them all by the time I'm 40. I'm 34 now (yikes).


I'd rather hang out with a room full of dogs than a room full of people. My hubby JD and I have a 13 year old Maltese that we like to call Bub. He's our everything.


I have Celiac Disease and have to follow a gluten free diet. It was tough when I got diagnosed 10 years ago, but i taught myself how to cook and now I couldn't imagine life any other way.


I'd rather road trip across the country than fly anyday. You never know what you will find off of the beaten path!



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Australian Cross country road trip

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